15 St Augustine St, H91 VXT1, Ireland

15 St Augustine street, H91 VXT1, Galway

15 St Augustine street, H91 VXT1, Galway


Bangin Food Group

Our Story

Our story began in March 2021 with the opening of Bangin Noodles, a takeaway noodle restaurant. Bangin Noodles opened in a closed down pub, during a national lockdown and in the midst of a global pandemic… oh and with a shoestring budget! In May 2022, we rebranded to Bangin Food Group with the goal to bring the most innovative new concepts to the delivery food market.

Our Food and Future

The first venture of Bangin Food Group was Sticky Rice which launched in May 2022. In June 2022, we launched Bao Box, a fully customisable box containing steamed buns with a choice of protein and a selection of stimulating fillings and sauces of your choosing. Our third brand, Vegan Club, opened in November 2022 to much delight in the Vegan community in Galway. Bangin Food Group has more exciting brands coming in 2023 so watch this space!


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